Northern Lights Tour From Reykjavik By Minibus

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Book this tour between 15th of September and 15th of November 2018 and use promo code “HAPPYBD” at checkout to receive 15% discount.

Travel period: November


Sept 25th – April 10th, daily


approx 4 hours.

Pickup starts

Sep 25th – Mar 31st  / 20:30

Apr 1st – Apr 10th  / 21:30


  • Northern Lights dancing across the sky!


  • Free pickup/drop off service in the Reykjavik area.
  • English speaking driver/guide.
  • Bottle of water.

Not Included

  • Food and snacks.

Price from:

MiniBus (for 1-4 people):

ISK 35,000 

MiniBus (for 5-8 people): 

ISK 50,000  

MiniBus (for 9-13 people): 

ISK 65,000  

MiniBus (for 14-18 people):

 ISK 80,000

Important information!

On boarding, we accept EUR | USD | GBP (Currency of the day) or ISK and VISA, Master, Debit/Credit Cards.

Please note that some accommodation is in a bus forbidden zone that requires guests to wait at a certain BUS STOP. Click to enlarge image map.

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Sometimes they are brilliant, sometimes just there, and every once in a while „missing in action“. The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis is a tour on winter nights, operated ONLY when sky and Aurora conditions are favorable. Charging into the atmosphere some 50+ miles above the earth an aurora display can be a fascinating sight when the conditions are good and the Aurora is near or over Iceland.

We start by driving to our secret spot in the pitch-black interior of Iceland. The Auroras can best be seen far away from the city lights and we will not have to travel far until the mountains provide the shadows we need. On cloudless and clear winter evenings, with luck on our side, we may be able to spot this beautiful and elusive natural phenomenon. Vivid and bright, the dancing northern lights in the Arctic skies are a sight to remember.

NOTE: Bring warm clothes, gloves, and headgear.

NOTE: We will notify by email for cancellation of the tour due to bad weather/cloud forecast between 17:00-18:00 on tour date.
If the aurora is not visible during your trip, you are welcome to re-book a free trip at another date.

  • If you decide to book the Northern Lights tour, please choose the“pay on arrival” option when you book the tour, this makes things easier for all of us.
  • We will give you the 5% discount on the bus when you pay, just like you booked and paid it online.
  • We do it this way because we cannot ensure that you will see them.
  • Also if we cancel the tour due to low solar activity combined with partly cloudy sky, you will get a 100% refund if you paid online.
  • But if we go and do not see the northern lights we give you a 50% discount.

How cool is that? 🙂

Master your shots from the famous locations under an eye of a professional photographer

Would you like to add a professional photo guide who will make this tour a great photo adventure?

Iceland is a stunning place for taking great photos. We offer a possibility to go on this tour with a professional landscape photographer that will make this tour a great learning experience! Additionally, you will receive beautiful photos of you and your group during the trip!
Capture jaw-dropping shots and share them with your friends!

Your guide will be Leszek Nowakowski. Just check out his website

Please choose from extras: “Private Photo Guide”



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